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The second volume of Royalty Free Music for videogames
released under Creative Commons by Tim Beek.

This music pack contains 20 tracks.

What it sounds like:


Creative Commons License $0

There is no charge for a Creative Commons license.
It does require that you credit the music.
(Or mention the specific song)

Use Commercially
Use without giving credit
Download WAV, OGG 
Official PDF license document

Premium License $2

The Premium License is available for projects where
attribution is not wanted or is otherwise impossible.
An ongoing (lifetime valid), non-exclusive, worldwide license:

Use Commercially
Use without giving credit
Download WAV, OGG 
Official PDF license document

Also included are the Separate tracks of the following songs:  
Bone Zone, Dog Town,
Mazit Music, Surfs Up Dude 

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Music Loops:

  1. 8Bit Adventure Loop (0:33)
  2. Bone Zone Loop (0:44)
  3. Calm Loop (1:13)
  4. Dog Town Loop (1:06)
  5. Frozen Bubble Menu Loop (0:38)
  6. Game Song Loop (1:24)
  7. Hollywood Star Loop (0:22)
  8. LandingPage Loop (0:48)
  9. Mazit Music Loop (3:02)
  10. Memorable Beginning (2:24)
  11. Memorable Beginning Turns into a Nightmare (2:08)
  12. Mexico Loop (1:20)
  13. Mysterious Bells Loop (0:32)
  14. Patriotic Alien Loop (0:38)
  15. Surf Rock Light Loop (1:04)
  16. Surf Rock Loop (1:04)
  17. Surfs Up Dude Loop (1:04)
  18. The Puzzle Loop (2:56)
  19. The Struggle Loop (0:36)
  20. The Synths Loop (0:48)

[ Format ]
All files: .WAV – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit / OGG

[ Support Email: info@timbeek.com ]


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WAV Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 2 by Tim Beek.zip 225 MB
OGG Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 2 by Tim Beek.zip 41 MB
Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 2 Premium License.pdf 234 kB
Bone Zone Separate Tracks.zip 24 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Dog Town Separate Tracks.zip 9.9 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Mazit Music Separate Tracks.zip 164 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Surfs Up Dude Separate Tracks.zip 46 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more


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Great tracks, i used "Dog Town" in my game (Mazey Taxi) and everyone loves the music.


Really cool game!

Thanks for using my music!

Thanks for this. Forgive me for paying to not credit. I will credit if I remember, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

No problem! That's what the license is for :) Have fun with the music and good luck with your project!

Hi, your music is great! I used one of them which is the "Memorable Beginning" for my game demo here https://crosx97.itch.io/journey-of-the-greatest-demo

Hi Tim!

We found out that the track "Memorable Beginning Turns into a Nightmare" fitted perfectly in our game.

Unfortunately, we don't have a clip to show you the final result but we've given you credits in the credits scene of the game.

Super cool! The game looks great. I appreciate the credit!

(2 edits)

I used Dog Town in this game thanks!

Dogs and Cats and Fleas - YouTube

Awesome game! 😄
I love Dogs and Cats.
Thank you for using my music and giving credit!


These are great. Thanks. I really love your style. These tracks would nicely fit in a peaceful/cute/silly/puzzle game.

Thank you for checking the package out!