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This Royalty Free Music pack contains various soundtracks composed by Tim Beek. There are currently 22 tracks in this pack.

A lot of royalty free music is released in MP3 and therefor has trouble looping. With this pack you can choose to download WAV or OGG, both loop seamless.

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Music Loops:
8Bit DNA (1:16)
8Bit Jingle Bells (1:00)
8Bit Mini Gamer (0:38)
8Bit Platformer (0:28)
8Bit Tragic Mistake (2:14)
Anime Beat Loop (1:00)
Chiptune Dream (1:08)
Deck the Halls Jazz (2:24)
Friday Afternoon (2:08)
Industrial Chasm (0:39)
Laser Quest (3:14)
Little Apprentice (1:03)
Monday Morning (1:57)
Mr Snarky Destructoid (1:52)
New Road (2:28)
Pink Blue (1:52)
Purple Black (2:41)
Quantum (2:46)
Sun Shine (1:31)
Take Cover (2:48)
The Mountains (1:52)
Try and Solve This (1:50)

[ Format ]
All files: .WAV – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit / OGG

[ Support Email: info@timbeek.com ]


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Royalty Free Music Loops WAV.zip 364 MB
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Creative Commons License.pdf 152 kB
No Attribution License.pdf 147 kB
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8bit Jingle Bells Separate Tracks WAV.zip 39 MB
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Chiptune Dream Separate Tracks WAV.zip 47 MB
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Deck the Halls Jazz Separate Tracks WAV.zip 99 MB
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Laser Quest Separate Tracks WAV.zip 208 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
New Road Separate Tracks WAV.zip 139 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Purple Black Separate Tracks WAV.zip 146 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
The Mountains Separate Tracks WAV.zip 57 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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Thank you very much Tim¡

NIce sound!

Great tunes

Thank you!

Another one my project. It's thanks to you, TimBeek!



Looks great thank you so much for using my music!

Thank you for making this pack!! The soundtracks are super epic! I used some of them in the game I made for NaNoRenO 2023! I also credited you in the credits and in the description!


Thanks! I appreciate the credits!

Awesome game!

Thank you very much, Timbeek! You helped me in creating my game:



Thank you for using my music!

I created my 1st game with your bgm ty for the free bgm sir


Thanks a lot!

Hi there!It's a great work!

I made a game with your BGM. You can play it here. I hope you have a good time!


Thank you!

Just take my money omg.


I am very thankful for the amazing support!

Thanks for sharing this music pack! Its realy great!

I used your Song "8Bit Platformer Loop" for my puzzlegame:

Amazing thank you!

Thank you for this music pack! It's fantastic!

I used it in my visual novel Down the Memory Lane.


The game looks fantastic! Thank you for using my music!

Thank you! ^_^

Greate music pack! Thanks to sharing!

I used it my game: https://mstuttgart.itch.io/tetrim

I gave credit in game :)

That's so cool!

Thanks a lot and best of luck with your game!

(1 edit)

Thanks for the nice music!

I used Little Apprentice as title music in my game:


Thanks a lot for sharing the music!

Sounds exciting! Thank you for your interest in my music! 🧙‍♂️

Thank you for your music!

I use 8Bit DNA for my game for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021. Your music was very great.
Chaos Traps by Rice Fry (itch.io)

Another wonderful collection, used the track "Deck the Halls Jazz" as the main theme for my project! 

Thank you Tim Beek for releasing all these fantastic tracks for free! It really helps a lot for us small indie devs!


That's great! Thanks for using my music!

I created my very first mobile game on Android called Double Jumpy Runner. I used some of the tracks from here which are awesome and listed you in the credits within the game as well. Thanks Tim.

Thanks! Super cool. Looks fun!

Hey! i used some of this tracks in a little game i made for the AirConsole 2020 Jam


Thanks for the music!

Awesome! Always good to hear my music is being used in games!
The game looks really cool!