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Let's Rock!

This music pack is all about distorted guitars and rocking it out.
There are different tracks ranging from intense to calmer.

The package:
17 Original Loopable tracks
11 "No-Melody" versions 
2 Short loops


An ongoing (lifetime valid), non-exclusive, worldwide license:

Use Commercially
Use without giving credit
Download WAV, OGG 
Official PDF license document


.WAV – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit / .OGG

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- Burning Grounds = 160 BPM
- Chilling Outside = 160 BPM
- Made to Build = 115 BPM
- Conflict = 180 BPM
- Despicable Minds = 175 BPM
- Under Attack = 120 BPM
- Planet Hell = 180 BPM
- Time to Fight = 160 BPM
- Hell and Demons = 180 BPM
- Prepare to Fight = 135 BPM
- Fantasy Rock Night = 180 BPM
- Rock Factory = 150 BPM
- Synthwave Metal = 165 BPM

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AuthorTim Beek
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsAction-Adventure, distortion, electronic-guitar, Fast-Paced, guitar, Music, rock


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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WAV Rock Music Pack by Tim Beek.zip 311 MB
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Rock Music Pack Premium License.pdf 232 kB


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Hey Tim, it's me again. Do you have the BPM and signature of the individual tracks written down somewhere? It would be very useful for syncing when to fade out the current song and fade in the next.



I have posted the ones I could quickly find:

For the ones remaining, I will have to find some time soon and I will update it.

Hey great music! It's perfect for the game I am currently working on.

Though, this might sound weird, but did you add a very low volume sample of a woman hysterically laughing into the "Chilling Outside No Melody" track? I first hear it at around the 4 second mark and it's really creeping me out

Hey Beast Pixels,

Thanks a lot for being interested in my music!

I looked up the "Chilling Outside No Melody" track that you mentioned and I do hear a little squeak sound at 4 seconds. 
Personally, I can't hear a woman hysterically laughing. 

However, I'm going to investigate because now I'm curious myself. :)
I have a feeling it's just a guitar string sliding when switching notes.