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"Dystopian" is a Free collection of Dark Retro Synth tracks.
Composed and Produced by Tim Beek.

This music would work great in scenes or stories with a dark mood.

Inspired by Retro video games and a dark setting using modern synths and orchestral instruments.

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You are able to use this music in your project commercially.
(Sell your game with the music in it)
Giving credit is optional but highly appreciated!
("Music by Tim beek")

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Audio Previews:


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Amazing pack of music :) 

The Protagonist, Empty Streets, The Nightclub are my favorites :)


Thanks for the interest!
Happy to hear that you found the package useful!

Thank you for the sounds, I hope a lot of success and recognition for you, if my project goes well, I hope to help you more than just putting the credits on the project.


YEAH... ...BOI!!! Never Thought I Would Find Something This Good


awesome keep it up.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is the song.

Hey, just letting you know that YouTube flagged me for using the "Dark Atmosphere to Synth" track. They said the copywrite owner was "Slow Death" by Naila Zafar. I listened to the song and this dude definitely bit off of you. Can I contest the copywrite claim?


Yep 100% stolen and needs to be contested. I see that it came from tunecore so I will send them a copyright claim.
You can contest it and say that its royalty free music from this pack. You can link to this pack and my youtube video 

Wow. Fantastic!!! Do you do music for film as well?

Hi! Thanks!
I do mostly music for video games. I do have a few music pieces on my website that fit better for film.
I did do music for a few animations. But now all my requests on fiverr are for video games.

Nice. What's you're Fiverr and I'll shoot you the project and you can let me know if it's something you'd want to do? By the way I used your music for a game in a jam and made sure to give credit in the opening credits :)  


My fiverr is: https://www.fiverr.com/timbeek/custom-game-music
Right now it's pretty busy. Quite a few orders in place so new orders will have some extra days of delivery time. Often more busy because of the upcoming holidays.

and thanks for the credits! I always appreciate it when people give credit!

Lemme just say this outright, I absolutely LOVE this pack. Don't know if that's intended or coincidence, but e.g. "Dystopian", "The protagonist" and "The Story Continues" uses progressions and tricks Clint Mansell likes. Beautiful stuff.
I have a shelved project this pack reminded me of. I do hope it gets me working on it again. Cheers!

Hello, thank you for the nice comment! I'm glad you like the music. This pack was inspired by Deus Ex. I know some of the work of Clint Mansell. (requiem for a dream)


I hope i can make a game using these great tracks.

But i have to confess, i liked and i intended to hear those for its musical qualities as well.

With or without making a game out of it, i intend to enjoy your compositions. Those tracks are amazing.

Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for listening! Glad you like my music!๐Ÿ˜Š
Good luck to your project.